Why You Should Never Use Your Cell Phone While Driving in Alaska

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The dangers of using your cell phone while driving
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The dangers of using your cell phone while driving

Using your cell phone to browse the internet or text while you drive is equivalent to shutting your eyes for the same amount of time while you drive. So, if you take ten seconds to read a text, you are driving completely blind for those ten seconds. So much can happen in just one second such as the person in front of you stopping short or a child running out into the street. In short, you are risking an absolute disaster when you use your cell phone while you drive.

One of the main reasons drunk driving is so dangerous is the way that it slows your reaction time. When you use your phone as you drive, your reaction time becomes completely non-existent for the time that you are using it. So, in those moments that your eyes are off the road, your driving could be considered less responsible and safe than a drunk driver.

The official numbers are quite alarming as you might expect. In the United States alone, there were just under ten people killed per day in distracted driving crashes in 2019 for a total of 3,142 deaths that year. In Alaska, you have regular hazards such as snowy and icy roads, frequent animal crossings, poorly lit roads and more. Using your cell phone as you drive while you are here or anywhere else for that matter is an extremely selfish and bad idea.

Thankfully your options are numerous in terms of the alternatives to using your phone while you drive. The first and most obvious is that you can always pull over somewhere and then you can use your phone in any way that you want and for as long as you please.

You can also choose to enable dictation through your vehicle as long as that comes as an option with the car. For many vehicles made in the last few years, it will be. You will just need to pair your phone with your car and its smart features. It will then allow you to use voice commands in order to have it read texts you receive aloud through your speakers as well as to use your voice to compose texts.

You will also be able to do this through your phone by enabling its assistant feature such as Siri. If you do plan on using your phone hands-free while you drive, you should consider getting a vent mount for your phone which will allow you to always have your phone out and within earshot without having to touch it.

Final word

With the exception of hands-free cell phone use, using your phone while you drive is dangerous, selfish and flat out stupid. It is equivalent to momentarily driving blind which puts your chance of reacting to other vehicles, pedestrians or other hazards at zero for the time your eyes are off of the road. Always pull over in order to use your phone or set you phone up so that you can use it completely hands free as you do drive.

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