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Tips for Driving and Sightseeing in Alaska Jump to: Road Rules Drive to the Sights Driving Tips Conclusion Road Rules It should be no surprise that Alaska has some different and interesting driving laws because of how challenging the road … Continue reading

Jump to: The basics about shipping your vehicle to Alaska Why ship instead of drive? What will it cost me to ship my car to Alaska? How long will it take to ship my car to Alaska? Where can I … Continue reading

Jump to: You should always take the best care of your car possible Prepare your car for cold, snow and sleet Don’t forget about the road salt! Conclusion     You should always take the best care of your car … Continue reading

      Traveling to vacation in Alaska via cruise ship, while easy and visually satisfying, passes nowhere near the vast interior of the state, and much of the “Last Frontier” remains elusive.  For an authentic wild Alaskan experience we … Continue reading

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If you are an active duty military member and living or relocating to Alaska, you should establish military residency. In order to file military residency there is an application that needs to be completed and accompanied by acceptable proof. Applicants … Continue reading

Eco- friendly driving is beginning to have its benefits, especially in Alaska. Eco- friendly driving is becoming increasingly popular as more car companies are adding eco- friendly models to their inventory. Eco- friendly driving is considered any car that emits … Continue reading

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Alaska’s summer temperatures are extremely pleasant. As a result, moving to Alaska in August is one of the best times. The temperatures are not too cold nor too hott; they’re just right. In August, you can expect daytime temperatures to … Continue reading

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Buying real estate in Alaska can be an exciting experience, but also nerve wracking, especially if you aren’t familiar with the state and towns. Choosing the perfect place to settle down in can be overwhelming, so where do you start … Continue reading

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Port to port shipment, door to door shipment, door to port shipment, port to door shipment, we offer it all. So what exactly is port to port shipment? Port to port shipment is defined as your car being shipped from … Continue reading

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Are you looking to relocate to Alaska? Are you shipping your car from your current location to Alaska? What do you need to know about registering a car in Alaska? By law, registering a car in Alaska needs to be … Continue reading

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