How to Navigate Speed Bumps in Alaska

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Safety measures
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Safety measures

Speed bumps are large and long intentionally made bumps in the road either consisting of the same asphalt and pavement as the road that they are on or rubber and plastic. The purpose of speed bumps are to force people to slow down in areas that have a lot of pedestrians crossing the street. You will only find speed bumps on streets or in parking lots that have speed limits that are 30 miles per hour or under, otherwise the potential for damage to cars driving over them at the posted speed limit would be too high.

You can often find speed bumps in school parking lots, hospital or nursing home parking lots, residential streets, and business park parking lots. Speed bumps are typically on placed on a street or in a parking lot where it can be proven that there is a certain amount of traffic (typically the requirement here is at least several hundred vehicles per day), that these vehicles are driving under a certain speed and that there is a current necessity for the speed bumps.

Speed bumps have been proven to reduce speeds in big ways. Here are some statistics that prove how effective speed bumps are at getting drivers to drastically reduce their speeds thus keeping pedestrians safe:


Speed reduction

Speed bumps are extremely effective at reducing speeds in any given area. Drivers know that they can inflict very serious and expensive to repair damage on their vehicles if they do not reduce their speed enough prior to driving over the speed bumps.

It is critically important to reduce your speed to the posted speed limit in any areas that have speed bumps in order to avoid damaging your car. You might be able to get away with going five miles faster than the posted speed limit over a speed bump, but not much faster than that. The faster that you drive over a speed bump the worse that the damage will end up being.

If you drive over a speed bump too fast, you can damage your car and the cost to fix these things will not be cheap. If you damage your vehicle driving over a speed bump these will be the costs to repair specific issues:

  1. You can throw your car’s alignment off – This can cost you between $50 and $200 to repair depending on how many wheels need to be aligned.
  2. You can damage the suspension system, including the shocks, ball joints and the struts – This can cost you between $1,000 and $6,000 to repair depending on which components were damaged and to what extent.
  3. You can damage your tires including a drop in pressure or even causing your tire to blow out – This can cost you between $50 and $250 to repair per tire depending on the type of tire and vehicle.


Final word

Speed bumps can be extremely beneficial to the safety of both pedestrians and motorists in the area where they are located. They effectively get all or most drivers to drastically reduce their speeds which leads to a tremendous reduction in both pedestrian fatalities due to speeding as well as the number of car accidents in a given area. If you need any type of vehicle transported to Alaska from any US state or if you need a car transported from Alaska to any US state, you can always get a free quote by visiting our homepage at any time.

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