Buying Real Estate in Alaska

Real estate in Alaska

Buying real estate in Alaska can be an exciting experience, but also nerve wracking, especially if you aren’t familiar with the state and towns. Choosing the perfect place to settle down in can be overwhelming, so where do you start when buying real estate in Alaska? Do you want a real estate agent from your location that can do research on areas in Alaska? Or do you want to deal with a real estate agent in your new area? Do you think seeing homes virtually is enough to make a decision? Or should you plan to spend a week or two in Alaska in order to attend open houses?


Before buying real estate in Alaska, you should know:

  1. Property disclosures are required and you are entitled to know the following disclosures: environmental concerns, thermal standards, crimes occurring in the location, lead paint, radon gas, and homeowners association disputes/ insurance claims.

  2. Depending where you are moving from, Alaska’s property taxes can be considerably more expensive than other areas. It is a good idea to check out the average cost of property taxes and to figure out your budget prior to seeing homes. You can have your taxes included in the monthly mortgage or you can pay them in a lump sum annual.

  3. Inspections should be done after an offer is made and accepted. You are entitled to choose your own independent inspector and it is suggested that you do so rather than going with the real estate’s inspector. This is to keep the home inspector honest rather than going with a real estate’s inspector who could possibly push through some property issues just to close a sale quicker. After your house is inspected, you will get a detailed report on termites, bug or rodent problems, environmental risks due to location, the presences of lead, foundation or structure problems, and/or issues with heating, cooling, electrical, or plumbing.


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