Bumper stickers, Your Car and Alaska

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What types of bumper stickers are legal and where you can place them
Advice for putting a bumper sticker on your car


You might think that some bumper stickers could be illegal if they are particularly offensive. That is actually not the case unless the bumper sticker is a hate symbol of some kind. However, if you do put an offensive bumper sticker on your car in Alaska or anywhere else there are definite consequences that you can end up suffering.

Even though it might not be against the letter of the law, having an overly offensive bumper sticker can easily get you pulled over and even arrested. Eventually in court proceedings, these cases do not lead to jail time or fines, but you could initially be arrested and then you will need to spend money on some defense fees. An offensive bumper sticker could also lead to a road rage incident which can lead to serious injury or possibly even worse. Overall, keeping your bumper stickers light and unoffensive is the best bet for everyone involved.

In terms of where you are legally allowed to put a bumper sticker or sticker of any kind on your vehicle, you can have stickers where they do not obstruct your vision of the road in anyway. However, there is room for loose interpretation of this rule. So, if you do not want to get pulled over for having stickers in the wrong place on your vehicle be sure that you do not place stickers on your windshield, front passenger windows, side view mirrors, rear view mirror or anywhere near the middle of your rear window.

Advice for putting a bumper sticker on your car

Putting a bumper sticker or even a window sticker on your car is no big task at all. As we mentioned you do need to make sure that it is not too offensive and that it does not obstruct your view out of the windows in any way.

However, you also need to consider that you need to put the right type of sticker on your car or else you could end up damaging the paint job. Be sure that you only place stickers that are made and intended for cars on your vehicle. If you place a regular sticker on your car, it can possibly harm the paint in a few different ways so stick to non-temporary decals that were made for use on vehicles.


Bumper stickers are a fine and creative way of adding some personality to your car’s appearance. If you do decide to use one in Alaska or anywhere else for that matter, be sure that it is not offensive or else you could be pulled over for it. You also should be sure that you absolutely do not place any decals or stickers on your windows or mirrors in any way that could be considered obstructive to your view of the road, otherwise you could be given a ticket.

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