Alaska Aliases: Discover these Interesting Terms of Endearment

Alaska Lingo


When you think of Alaska, do you simply think of Eskimos and igloos? Alaskans know that Alaska is so much more than that. Alaska is a place filled with natural settings, pristine views of glaciers, mountains and water. Alaska is a place where wildlife roams and rules.

While many people may not have thought of Alaska as a place to live or even visit, for some Alaska is a place near and dear to one’s heart. Alaska has earned many different nicknames throughout the years and some of them are interesting terms of endearment.


Land of the Midnight Sun

While many people are aware that it can get and stay quite dark for several months out of the year from around November to January in Alaska, there are many more that don’t focus on the fact that it can stay light just as long.

Imagine living or visiting such a place where you can see the sun at midnight (hence the name Land of the Midnight Sun) or where the sun can stay up longer than you can! Certain parts of Alaska can see the sun up between 18 and 20 hours. There’s a lot of time in there to get your to-do list checked off, go for a hike or get some night fishing in – all while the sun is till high in the sky.


Seward’s Folly

Secretary of State, William H. Seward back in 1867 struck an agreement with Russia to buy Alaska for more than seven million dollars. There was quite an undercurrent of curiosity and conversation around why the plan was so secretive and of what use would Alaska be to the United States. That’s where the nickname of Seward’s folly came into play.

With continuing support, the treaty was approved; however, it was not until one year later that funds were approved making the Land of the Midnight Sun not so much of a folly after all.


The Last Frontier

Another term of endearment for Alaska is that of The Last Frontier and understandably so. Alaska is considered to be separate and apart enough from the other states that it is a frontier all on its own. Moreover, there is so much uncharted land in Alaska, truly allowing it to earn its title of last frontier.

There are numerous areas that are inaccessible by traditional vehicles – only by boat or air – and weather conditions that are not conducive to everyday life in Alaska.

With vast lands undiscovered, unchartered and untouched, Alaska truly does earn the special title of The Last Frontier.


The Great Land

Out of all the terms of endearment for all the states, The Great Land has to stand tall among the rest. Starting from the beginning, the Aleutian word, “Aleyska,” means, The Great Land.

If you’ve never been to Alaska, this title is surely befitting. Alaska has unchartered territories and its land pays homage to the wildlife that thrive there. A visit to Alaska might find you in awe of the untouched and preserved natural settings that make Alaska, what it truly is, The Great Land.

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