These Cars Perform The Best In Winter Weather in Alaska

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What to look for in a car that you will be using in winter weather
The best cars for driving in the winter
Winter driving tips


What to look for in a car that you will be using in winter weather

If you are in an area where winter-weather driving is something that you will be doing often, you should consider getting a car that is properly equipped for such driving. The biggest thing that you should look for is all-wheel drive. Now, contrary to popular opinion, this will not help you brake any better in snowy conditions.

What all-wheel drive will help you with is to start the vehicle moving in the snow. When all of the wheels are moving it is more likely that you will end up gaining enough traction to start your car moving. As much as that is not as important as being able to brake properly in the snow, it still is quite important.
There are other things to consider too. One such thing is ground clearance. The higher up your car is off the road, the better it will perform during winter weather. This makes sense because the less amount of contact your vehicle has with the snow, the less snow can affect its performance.

Finally, you should see which cars come equipped or can come equipped with snow tires. You can always have snow tires put on a vehicle that does not have them but it much more convenient to get a car that already has them.

Things that you do not need to look for anymore are anti-lock braking and electronic stability control. These have now been required in all vehicles for years. Anti-lock braking is your brakes ability to “pump” themselves. So, you have probably heard the expression “pump the brakes” at some point in your lifetime in reference to driving in the snow. Well, with anti-lock brakes the car “pumps” the brakes for you, so, when you brake in the snow, just keep your foot down on the brake until the car stops.

Electronic stability control is a series of sensors that put small amounts of braking on specific wheels when those wheels are perceived to be skidding. This is always useful, but it is particularly useful when you are driving in the snow.

The best cars for driving in the winter

In 2020 and beyond you can rely on the following cars to get you through some serious winter driving:

  1. 2019 Honda CR-V – This car has to option for an upgrade to all-wheel-drive as well as available upgrades that include auto emergency braking, high beams, heated seats and lane keep assist.
  2. 2020 Kia Telluride – The Kia Telluride has all-wheel-drive and is great for off-road driving. As a result, it is also good for driving in the snow. The SUV has a bunch of safety features and has add-on options for heated seats and steering wheel.
  3. 2019 Mazda CX-9 – The CX-9 by Mazda is an SUV with almost ten inches of ground clearance. It also has the option for all-wheel-drive. It also offers a litany of safety features as well.
  4. 2019 Toyota RAV-4 – The Toyota RAV-4 has an option to come with all-wheel-drive and has multiple driver’s assistance features which include auto emergency braking and auto high beams.


Winter driving tips

When you are driving in winter weather, you should keep the following driving tips in mind:

  • Keep it slow – The last thing that you want to do when you are driving in snowy weather is to speed. Braking and maneuvering become exponentially more difficult when you drive too fast in the snow.
  • Keep a larger than normal distance – You should keep a bigger than normal following distance when you are driving in the snow. This will allow you more time and distance for braking.
  • Clear the snow off your car before you leave – This important both for yourself and for other drivers as well. The snow can fall off the roof of your car or can kick up from the hood and temporarily lessen your vision of the road. This can also happen to another driver if they are behind you and snow flies onto their windshield.
  • Have a way to contact someone in case of an emergency – Always make sure that you have your phone with you and that it is charged. If you get stranded, you will need to call for help. Waiting for someone to come along might work on a busy road, but you cannot rely on it.



You can always winterize your current car but if you are in the market for a new car, then why not consider one with an abundance of features that will help you when you are driving in the snow? If you live in the northeast or in Alaska, it would make sense to get a car that will be able to get you from place to place safely during some inclement winter weather.

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