The Importance of Your Car’s Mirrors in Alaska

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Your car’s mirrors and what you should use them for
Why safety is so important when you are driving in Alaska
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Your car’s mirrors and what you should use them for

There is a reason that it is illegal to drive without any of your car’s mirrors. They are essential to driving safely. Without them, you will not be able to see what is behind you or to the side of you without taking your eyes off the road in front of you which is obviously very dangerous.

When you are driving, you will make use of two types of mirrors, your side-view mirrors and your rearview mirrors. Both type of mirror has a specific function in terms of making you aware of what is around you on all sides as you drive.

Your sideview mirrors will allow you to see what is on either side of your car at all times. However, there will be a blind spot when you check these mirrors. So, be sure that you always check your blind spot as well.

Your rearview mirrors will obviously allow you to see what is behind you. There is not a blind spot with the rearview mirrors unless you are backing up in which case the area under your rear window within a few feet of the back of the vehicle will be a blind spot.

Why safety is so important when you are driving in Alaska

The winter weather in Alaska can severely complicate driving. This means it will be less safe to drive during certain inclement weather and that directly translates to taking a maximum amount of caution when you are driving in poor road conditions in Alaska. This will include the frequent and proper use of your mirrors.

The first thing you should do in terms of your mirrors when you are driving in winter weather conditions in Alaska is to make sure that your sideview mirrors are clear of any snow or ice before you start driving. Then, when you get into your car you should make sure that your mirrors are adjusted properly so that you know that you can see to the rear and sides of the car with just a glance.

Then when you are driving you need to know when you should be checking your mirrors. If you are changing lanes, you should check the sideview mirror that corresponds to the lane you are merging into as well as your rearview mirror. The sideview mirror to see what is currently in the lane that you are attempting to merge into and the rearview mirror to see if there are any cars behind you in your current lane also trying to merge into the same lane at the same time. Do not forget, when you use your sideview mirror prior to a lane change, always turn your head quickly to check your blind spot.

Your mirrors will also come in handy when you are trying to back up for any reason. In particular, use your rearview mirror when you are backing up. However, if you are backing up and close to other cars, you will need to use your sideview mirrors as well.

Finally, when you are maneuvering your car during a three-point turn or when you are parallel parking, you will also need to use both your sideview and rearview mirrors.

Final word

Your car mirrors are more important than people tend to give them credit for. This holds especially true in Alaska where driving in inclement winter weather can make driving as hard as it can be. Do not make it any worse on yourself by forgetting to clear off your sideview mirrors or adjusting your rearview mirror as soon as you get into your vehicle. Finally, when using your mirrors never neglect to check your blind spot.

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