Shipping the Best Car for Alaska Living

Alaska living

Looking to ship a car to Alaska?

Having a car that is suitable for Alaska’s extreme summers and winters, but also your lifestyle, is important.

When considering shipping your car to Alaska, there are some lifestyles you need to consider to ensure you have the best car for Alaska living. Whether you are going to drive a 4 wheel or 2 wheel, it is important to that your car has all wheel drive.  During the winter months, having an all wheel drive will ensure you have a safe drive. When considering which all wheel car to drive, station wagons are voted the best for Alaska living. If a 4 wheel drive is not for you, the good thing is most station wagons have the traction of a 4 wheel drive.  A station wagon will complete all of your needs- large enough to fit your family, small enough to not break the bank on gas. Two of most popular station wagons sought out by the Alaskans are the Subaru Outback and Subaru Legacy Wagon. On the contrary, if you are plan on living in the mountains or working outdoors, then the best car for your lifestyle would a truck. Driving through Alaska’s wilderness in a truck will ensure your safety in high snowfall winters. The most popular truck for Alaska living is a pickup truck. Pickup trucks allow you the room to utilize your car for working outdoors, but also gets your to point A to point B in a timely fashion with its well structured wheels. However, not every pickup truck is made for Alaska’s icy, cold, and wet roads. One of the most popular pickup trucks for an Alaskan lifestyle is the Ford 150. So, whether you are looking to visit Alaska for the summer or winter months, let us help ship the best car that is suitable for your lifestyle.

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