Cruising the Alaska Highway

Cruising the Alaska Highway

You, your car, and 1,390 miles of highway! The Alaska Highway, which stretches from Dawson Creek, British Columbia to Delta Junction near Fairbanks, Alaska, is known for its scenic views of snow- covered mountains, forests and wildflowers, and animals grazing along side road. Along the highway are many campgrounds and hotels for you to check in at after a long day of cruising. Here are some tips to ensure you and your car have a safe and memorable trip:

Tough Tires:

The roads are usually dusted with fresh powder snow. However, in times of blizzards and heavy snow conditions, you may want some tough tires. The reason for this is because salt is not allowed to be put down on Alaskan roads due to the risk of the salt entering the waterways and harming salmon. But don’t worry! Pick yourself up some studded tires, and you’ll be on your way to a smooth cruise down the Alaska Highway. Studded tires have little metal studs on them that are designed to dig into the ice and add traction.

Block Heaters:

With temperatures dropping below freezing in some months,  you will definitely be thinking of ways to keep warm. Don’t forget about your car! A block heater warms the engine in order to increase the chances that the engine will start the same despite cold weather. This will reduce the amount of time your car needs to warm up.

Battery Test:

Sometimes the cold can put stress on your car’s battery. In order to ensure a chaos- free cruise, check your battery prior to starting the highway with a battery test. A battery test will let you know if you need a recharge, repair, or replacement. So, before you start your cruise, give your car a little test.

Let us help you to get your car to Alaska, so that you can cruise miles and miles of highway!

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