All You Need To Know About Getting A Remote Starter For Your Car In Alaska

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What are the downsides to idling your car?
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The reason someone might consider getting a remote starter is that they want to be able to warm their car up in cold weather without going outside to do so. It is quite nice to be able to walk out in the winter to a car that is already nice and toasty. You can also keep your car locked while your car warms up, which is something you cannot do if you are using your keys in your ignition to warm up your car.

What are the downsides to idling your car?

When it is cold out, especially the way it gets in Alaska sometimes, it is no fun having to run out of the house and get into a car that isn’t warm. So, many people will run out and start their car and run back in so that they can enjoy the warmth of their home while their car warms up. Some may not even need to leave their home as they have remote starters which can temporarily start your car for a few minutes by the click of a button.

This all sounds great and harmless, but it comes with a price. Idling your car can cause moderate amounts of dirt and grime to build up in your engine which, over the course of the winter, can reach a level where it can cause damage to your car’s engine.

Idling can also waste a considerable amount of fuel. If you frequently use your remote starter in the winter, analyze your gas expenses and you will see that you are spending noticeably more on gas.

Possibly the worst downside of getting a remote starter for your car is all the extra pollution that you are contributing to the environment. Each time you idle your car for just five minutes, you are releasing over a pound of greenhouse gases into the environment.

Are there any laws against idling in Alaska?

In many places, there are laws in place to minimize or completely prevent the practice of idling. Right now, there are no such laws in Alaska. However, there could be in the future, so be on the lookout.

Places that do have laws regarding car idling are generally areas with large populations such as New York City. This is because when you multiply the effects of idling by millions of people, the environmental results could be disastrous.

Right now, the population in Alaska is very low by comparison to most other places in the United States. However, if that number grows at a steady rate in Alaska, you could see more consideration for legislation regarding idling being passed in the future.

Tips and information regarding remote starters

If you are planning on getting a remote starter in the near future, you should read the following tips before you even start the process of buying a starter. You should make sure you can have an automatic starter installed in your particular car, then buy one, and then make the appointment to have it installed by a mechanic.

  • All remote starters are not equal – As with any other product you might be considering buying, you should do your research and shop around first. You can visit auto stores and ask the opinions of those working there, ask friends and family if they have used any remote starters that they have liked, and you can also research the different types of remote starters online as well. If you do your research online be sure that you are aware of the practice of fake and paid reviews for products on sites like
  • Make your appointment to have it installed – A remote starter obviously is not something that you can install yourself. You will need a knowledgeable mechanic to install it for you. You should call around locally and ask auto shops if they have experience doing this and if they can with your specific type of starter. Sometimes, stores such as Best Buy have a car department where you can have a remote starter installed. When you do have your appointment, be prepared for the installation to take a couple of hours.
  • Do not overuse it – Using it when you do not need to or for too long is a waste of gas which is a waste of money. The more often you do use it, the more wear and tear you are risking putting on your engine. Use it sparingly. Using it on a cold winter day for 3 minutes is more than enough to warm up your car.
  • Try not to use it during the summer – In some areas, some summer days can get very hot, humid and unbearable. This is almost never the case in Alaska. When you use your remote starter during summer months, it puts even more strain on your engine than normal. In the winter months, your engine does not have to work that hard to keep the engine from getting too hot. In summer months, your car needs to rely heavily on the radiator fan to keep the engine cool thus straining the engine more.



Remote starters are the way that some people choose to get their car warmed up over the winter. They do have their downsides though. They can increase wear and tear on your engine, waste gas, and increase the amount of pollution your car gives off. However, if you use it sparingly, these negative effects will be negligible.

Whether or not you have a remote starter in your car, you can easily get it shipped to or from Alaska anytime that you might need to with Alaska Car Transport.

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