A Guide to the Car Clubs of Alaska

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Basic info about car clubs
The list of car clubs located in Alaska
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Basic info about car clubs

If you live in Alaska and have some spare time, joining a local car club is a great way to spend it. It is also a good way to showcase a car that your proud of or to show how much passion you might have for a particular type of car.

These clubs will require very affordable annual membership dues. Most will be between $25 and $100. Most of these clubs do not require that you own one of their cars either. So, you can still join if you are just passionate about a certain type of car.

These clubs hold both monthly and annual meetings and events. So, as much as participation is not necessarily required, it is recommended that you take part in the clubs’ activities as much as you can.

The list of car clubs located in Alaska

The following are a few of the oldest and most popular car clubs that you can join in Alaska:

  • Alaska Sports Car Club – Alaska Sports Car Club was founded back in 1958. Membership is through the Alaska Lions Club and costs $100 per person or $150 for a four-member family. The club holds multiple events each year including races, fundraisers and much more.
  • Artic Air-Cooled VWs – Artic Air Cooled VWs is a club dedicated to the Air-Cooled Volkswagen in Alaska. You do not need to own a VW for membership so you can join if you are just an enthusiast. The membership fee is $24 per year.
  • Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska – Antique Auto Mushers of Alaska is a car club dedicated to antique cars. To join you do not need to own an Antique vehicle, but you do need a membership in the Antique Automobile Club of America which costs $40 each year. The club has monthly meetings with club cruises after the meetings during the summer months.
  • Anchorage Corvette Association – The Anchorage Corvette Association was founded in 1969. The club charges $40 for new members and $30 for renewals as well as $50 for families to join. They hold monthly meetings as well as several cruises and other events each year.


Helpful tips for joining a car club

Before you join a new car club, there’s a few things that you should know first. Here are a few tips to consider when joining a car club:

  • Reach out to the club or a member with any questions you might have – You will want to reach out to the club or a member of the club directly with any questions or concerns that you might have.
  • Most clubs won’t require you to own one of their cars – If you are just an enthusiast of a certain type of car and do not personally own one, you can likely still join the club. Just contact the individual club and ask them before you send a membership payment.
  • Be sure to take care of your vehicle – If you plan on showing your car off at a car club’s events, make sure that you keep the car clean and that you get the required maintenance to make sure that the car is running properly. It would be off-putting to fellow members if your car wasn’t working or was really dirty.
  • Get involved – It does not make sense for you to join a car club if you are not going to actively participate in the club’s activities. Be sure to take part in meetings, cruises, shows and whatever else the club holds as much as you can.



Joining a car club is a fantastic way to spend some of your extra time. It is a fun hobby where you can meet other car enthusiasts just like yourself and have some serious car conversation. You won’t regret the memorable experience of joining a car club.

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