Preparing for Car Shipment

Preparing for car shipment

You’ve decided to book us to ship your car! Great! Now what? How do you prepare for your car shipment? The idea of car shipment can feel very overwhelming. In order to ensure you have a safe and damage free car shipment, you can take a few extra steps to prepare it.


There are two easy ways to check out the exterior of your car. First, wash it! By taking the time out to wash your car before shipment, you can check to see if there are any dings or scratches on the exterior. Cleaning the inside of your car will allow you to check over the seats. Once your car is freshly cleaned and you’ve taken a close eye to it, document it. Take pictures of the exterior of your car and any existing damage you may have. While you are at it, you should also be documenting the interior of you car. Keep your  pictures for your record and for pick up.


Most cars are very spacious and can fit many personal belongings. So since you are paying for car shipment, why not pack it with your belongings? Wrong! You should not leave any personal belongings in your car. Be sure to remove anything and everything that is valuable to you. Another key thing to remove is your toll tag. Even if you leave your toll tag inside of the glove compartment, there is a chance that the radar can pick up fees at each toll it passes. Also, speaking of emptying your car, it is a good idea to run down your gas tank to only ¼ full. Your car will be loaded onto a bed and gas will not be needed. Plus, a full tank of gas will add weight to the carrier.


What else can you do to prepare your car shipment? Check out the essentials: Is your inspection and registration up to date? Have you changed the oil recently? Do all of your tires have the appropriate amount of air? Do you the spare set of keys?


So, let us worry about getting your car shipped from point A to point B, and you worry about preparing your car for shipment!

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